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Our auctions

The game is simple, browse the various prizes on offer for auction, and decide on which auction room you want to enter. Each auction bidding room has an entry fee ranging from £1.99 to £4.99. Simply log in, pay your entry fee and start bidding.

The only other cost you incur should you win the auction is your lowest unique bid. For example a first class trip all expenses paid to Miami Florida 7 days at Fontainbleau could cost you £4.99 + your lowest unique bid (e.g. £89.87). You would pay a total of £94.86 for a First class trip for you and three other friends!

After paying to enter a bidding room you have 10 bids per day for the duration of the auction.

Yes, you can buy as many extra bids as you like. Extra bids are purchased in blocks of 20.

All auction cycles are published on each product room and display when the auction starts and ends.

You are not limited. You can bid in as many rooms as you pay to enter.

Lifestyle bids are unable to retract or change any bids that have been confirmed in an auction room as the site is tamper proof and all bids are recorded as sealed bids.

Lifestyle Bids

We are a UK based company. is a trading style of Triple R Lifestyles Limited registered in UK and Wales company number 10537939. Registered office is Unit 1 Posterngate Farm Harts Lane, South Godstone, Godstone, England, RH9 8LZ

Lifestyle Bids operates from Godstone, Surrey UK

Our contact details are:

T: 020 3823 1012

Correspondence Address:
Unit 1 Posterngate Farm
Harts Lane, South Godstone
Godstone, England, RH9 8LZ

Privacy & Legals

Items and winning

Select the product you wish to bid for, follow the instructions and pay to enter the bidding room.

Yes. Every concluded auction that has received bids has a winner. In the extremely unlikely event of a tie-break, the lowest bid price with the least number of bids wins, with the first person to bid that amount the winner.

The winner is first contacted by our offices. All winners will be included in any promotions carried out by Lifestyle Bids. Any winner not willing to be a part of our promotions should inform us by e-mail on the day of being notified as a winner.

Lowest unique bid means the lowest bid entered during the auction that no one else has bid. Please note it does not automatically mean the lowest bid e.g. several people bidding £0.01 would not qualify as the lowest unique bid, however an individual solo bid of £2.69 that no one else has placed qualifies as the lowest unique bid.

The winner is first contacted from our offices and then, following approval, the name, town and country will be published on the website.

You make your payment to us by card or bank transfer.

Upon receipt of cleared funds a zero balance receipt will be emailed to you.

You will be contacted directly and you will be given the method to claim based on the item you won.

Yes. ID will be required, either passport or drivers licence or another government picture ID. Please note for vacation based auctions you need to ensure your passport is valid for travel and visa to the country you wish to bid for.

All items should be claimed and paid for in full within 14 days.

Holidays – these can be taken within 90 days of close of auction. You must inform us of your preferred travel dates within 10 working days of the auction closing. It is your responsibility to ensure you can travel to the destination of your choice, meaning if visa or ESTA clearance is needed this must be in place and valid for entry to the destination on offer.

Weekend city breaks – These must be taken within 30 days of winning the auction.

Themed breaks – Sports occasions, concerts, etc. are non-moveable or changeable. These must be taken on the advertised dates as set by the organisers of those events.

Other items – e.g. cars, watches etc. can be claimed immediately and delivered within 30 days.

We will publish any known downtimes on the site e.g. maintenance, however on rare occasions when an IT issue may arise, bidding will be put on hold till the issue is resolved.

Your financial exposure is limited to the cost of entry to the auction room and any subsequent bids you may have purchased.